Classic Coastal

A blend of earthy, traditional shapes combined with ocean and lakeside hues with incorporation of natural looking materials and finishes.

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Classic Coastal is the ultimate interior design for a clean and beachy aesthetic. It focuses on natural light, soft tones, and a simple setting. The Classic Coastal is a blend of earthy, traditional shapes combined with water inspired hues. The finishes and choice of material leans towards nature and takes inspiration from traditionally seaside homes.

The lines of the designs and spacious layout is meant to evoke the breeziness of the beach. Turn your home into a year-round beach holiday with this unassuming welcoming look. Think of Classic Coastal design as a combination of French Riviera and the Hamptons. The layout may appear minimal with a distinct palette of whites, neutrals, blues, charcoals, and blacks. The combination of colours gives the appearance a timeless and relaxed look. Frequently you will find the coastal style accentuated with beach worthy accessories including specimen shells, coral, coastal art and maritime instruments. Think all the shades of blue!

As opposed to directly coastal, Classic Coastal includes antique aspects in the design. Elegant half columns, friezes, and even statues can be erected to marry these two styles together. The Classic Coastal style brings all the comfort and familiarity of classic interior designed paired with the airy attitude of the beach. With a clean and light backdrop, little touches can be added to bring the ocean atmosphere to you. Whether you live in a seaside home, city central apartments, or a quaint little duplex Classic Coastal design can transform your kitchen to a holiday at home.

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