A Stylish & Easy Way to Grow Indoor Plants

27th, March 2020

Us Australians love livening up our homes with indoor plants, but not all of us can maintain them well. In a previous article Indoor & Outdoor Plants that Won’t Die Easily, we recommended those with a black thumb to grow plants that require little maintenance including succulents and peace lilies. But what we didn’t mention is that you can grow plants in different ways that not only require less maintenance, they are less messy and more trendy too.

You may have heard the terms hydroponic and aeroponic before, but felt they sounded too scientific for you to learn more. Growing plants hydroponically and aeroponically is with the use of water (hydro) and air (aero) rather than soil. 

Hydroponics are slowly becoming a new fad as they are easy to care for and look beautiful. We rarely see a plant’s roots as they are deeply hidden in soil that seeing them bare is eye-catching. A plant showing its roots is like a person who wears their heart on their sleeve!

Now that you get the gist of how hydroponics grow, here are a few tips for beginners to get started and keep going.

Choose Location

Before deciding on the plant and vase, it’s best to know where you want to keep your plant to determine how much space you have to work with. Placement of hydroponics are very important for the plant’s survival so make sure to find a well lit space with indirect sunlight. This area should also be at a consistent and warm temperature.

Choose Your Plants

You can pretty much grow any plant hydroponically, but some might be too sensitive to the transition from soil. Popular plants that work great in water are peace lilies, aloe vera, devil’s ivy, and lucky bamboo to name a few. You can even try colourful flowers including dahlias, orchids, and petunias. 

Pick Your Vessel

If your plant is for decor purposes then the key is to show off the roots by using a glass vase. If you only display one or two stems of your green baby then it’s best to use a vase with a thin neck to keep the plants upright. Make sure to avoid vessels that may corrode with the use of fertilizer.

Clip and Care

Before placing your plant in its new home, it’s recommended to clip under some leaves to boost its longevity and health. Although hydroponics require little maintenance, they still require care. Make sure to give them sufficient water and fertiliser - as with all things living, they need food & water to survive.