Why You Should be Washing Your Pillow

20th, February 2020

Are you guilty of only washing your pillow case, but not your pillow? We’re sure you are not alone! Most of us know that we should replace our pillows after so many years, but not many of us even think to throw it  in the machine. It’s gross (once you realise how dirty it may be), but normal.

Pillows, especially the ones we rest our head on every night, are breeding grounds for bacteria and allergens as they soak up our dead skin cells, skin and hair oil, airborne dust, and the good old dust mite that so many of us are allergic to (they love feeding off our dead skin cells). We don’t blame you if you want to pause this article to do some washing, but let us help you with that part as we recommend treating your pillows to a bath at least every other month.

If your pillow is machine washable, then it’s a simple task - just put it on a delicate cycle with cold water as it is more gentle on the fabric. Heat and sun kill bacteria and dust mites so you can either hang your pillow to dry on a hot sunny day or put it on a low cycle in the dryer. Make sure that it dries completely to prevent any internal mould from growing.

Not all pillows can be washed in the machine, such as foam or latex - these can be spot cleaned and sun treated. There are a few other tricks you can also try such as; using a pillow protector, which goes over your pillow and under your pillow case (you can find hypoallergenic and/or anti dust mite covers) or putting your pillow in the freezer for a few hours to kill off the bad stuff. If you or any of your household tend to sneeze a lot, especially in the morning, this might just be your answer. Happy washing!