Many of us have a furry family member living with us that we have to accommodate for. Pets need just as much TLC as we do - space for cleaning, eating, and playing is essential. Whether you already have a pet or are planning to bring one home soon, these tips will help you make your home pet-friendly.

Choose your sofa wisely

Cozy-ing up on the sofa with your pet is bound to happen many times so you’ll want to make sure the fabric of your sofa can handle anything from fur to scratches. Microfibre is a great option as it wears well and it is easy to clean. 

Clean up their mess

Pets get dirty and they also make a mess from poos to food to toys. It’s worth putting in a deep tub/sink to wash your pets, a good ventilation system where the litter tray or wee wee pad is kept, and spaces for them to play and eat.

Invest in pet furniture 

You can find beautiful fish tanks and bird cages that not only home your pets, they are beautiful pieces of decor so you may as well spoil your pets and yourself. This even applies to cat scratching posts and pet beds.

Avoid damaged floors

You’ll want to preserve the flooring throughout your home and avoid any damage from scratches to stains. Carpets aren’t ideal, nor is timber flooring. The best options are stain resistant, scratch resistant, and easy to clean, which include tile, stone, bamboo, and vinyl.

Share space

If you can’t make any big changes due to time and budget constraints, utilise what you already have - all it takes is creativity. You can easily convert a blanket box to a bed, a kitchen drawer to a feeding station, etc.