As Marie Kondo believes, every possession needs a home. Whether you’re a neat freak or like a bit of chaos, storage will free your home of clutter with minimal effort. We’ve asked around to see what others find helpful when it comes to streamlining their ‘stuff’ with hopes these solutions can work for you.

Hidden storage

Inspired by the tiny house movement, storage can be designed almost anywhere and completely out of sight. For example, under stairs or steps, under seats or tables, etc. All it takes is some clever creative thinking. Hidden storage is great for those who are messy and need to just chuck things out of sight.

Open shelving

For a decorative storage look, go for open shelves to display plants, books, memorabilia, and photos.

Kitchen jars

To keep your kitchen cupboard neat, tidy, and sustainable, start shopping at refineries and storing your food items in jars. Packaging is a waste afterall. This does not only look good, but it makes it so easy to find what you’re looking for while helping the environment.

Kitchen island

If your kitchen has the space, consider adding an island as it provides additional storage space while adding a social element to the room. 


Wall cabinets allow a room to appear larger since they leave open floor space, while wall to wall cabinetry provide character. Whatever the case, cabinetry can be customized to suit your home (and storage).

Rolled towels

If you don’t have storage space in your bathroom, find a decorative basket or bench to store rolled towels on. Rolling the towels will make them look tidy while providing space for more in the basket or on the bench.


Not only great for towels in the bathroom, baskets can also be used around the entire home to hide away storage in a trendy way. A unique idea is to find various different types of small baskets to display on your shelves while also acting as storage.