Over time, our towels build up soap residue preventing them from being well-washed as they absorb less water. This obviously results in a bacteria build up which can cause a funny smell and take away their softness. A few tricks can help make (and keep) your towels look, smell, and feel like that first (or second) use!


A natural treatment with vinegar & baking soda done every third wash will make a big difference. White vinegar both softens and freshens. Here’s an easy 3 step process..

  1. Instead of washing the towels with detergent, add a cup of white vinegar and run it on a hot cycle. 
  2. After the cycle is finished then rinse the towels with a cup of baking soda. 
  3. Once both cycles are complete, the towels can be hung to dry. If hanging out to dry, make sure to not bunch them up to allow air to circulate throughout the whole towel.

If needed, repeat the steps above especially if your towels have a heavy residue.


  1. Avoid overfilling your washing machine. Your laundry needs space to be thoroughly cleaned so it should only be filled 75%.
  2. Reduce the amount of detergent you use in every normal cycle to lessen residue.
  3. Increase the water temperature so that it is warm or hot to produce better results.
  4. Avoid commercial fabric softeners as they contain chemicals that can reduce absorbency.