When it comes to redecorating or remodeling your home, it’s common to focus internally, but upgrading your house externally adds value by upping curb appeal and sets the tone before entering. A well thought out front-of-house can make it more welcoming, eye-catching, and even enjoyable if there’s a porch or space to relax in. The simplest upgrades can make a difference so you don’t have to have a hefty budget at all. 

Here are a few ideas to spruce up the front of your house with little to no expense.

Front Door

The front door of a home is the entry point and can be seen both inside and outside so it should be treated like the heart of your home. Two inexpensive options that don’t involve a full door replacement are to paint the door and/or change the door handle - whatever you chose it should match well internally. To add some charm outside, consider a wreath or a decorative door knocker.


A properly lit home gives it curb appeal 24/7 and also makes it easy to find the main entrance. Solar lighting is a great addition for landscapes and any exterior lighting can be replaced with different fixtures. 

Potted Plants

Plants can dramatically improve the front of your home especially if you have a porch. They are attractive and can add plenty of colour (as much as you like). Staggered pot on the ground or hanging work well, but you may want to also consider adding flower boxes which can easily be made with a few wood panels.


Letterboxes are usually overlooked, but this little item can sometimes be seen before your actually home (for example, in the suburbs). A quirky letterbox adds character to a home & can give insight into the home dwellers while a simple letterbox adds charm.