Are you needing change, but don’t have the budget? Believe it or not, there are home decor hacks you can do that won’t cost a cent. With a little creativity and handy skills, you can achieve the change you’re looking for. The living room is probably the most used room in your house (apart from the kitchen) so here are some ideas that you can do any time you are ready. They are mostly dependent on your assets and space, and just require some out of box thinking if an option doesn’t work for you.

Swap pillows

One of the easiest ways to make a change is to swap your throw pillow from room to room. This will welcome new colours and patterns to two rooms, not just one.

Centre furniture

If you have enough room to centre your furniture, go for it! By opening up space around your furniture, your room will automatically feel and look more spacious.

Bring in garden plants or flowers

It’s amazing how much the indoors come alive with the outdoors. You’ll be surprised at what you find after a little rummage in your garden or backyard. Snip a branch off of some of your favourite trees/plants then add them to a vase with water to display on a living room table/stand.

Switch up shelving

It’s likely you have some shelving in your living room already and there are a few things you can do to switch them up. One option is to rehang them so that they are more staggered and/or floating. Another option is to change shelving items with what is displayed in other rooms, similar to the pillow hack.

Swap lighting

Warm lighting can transform the ambiance of a room to be calming and more inviting. Whether it’s swapping light bulbs from another room or bringing in a lamp, you’ll set a new vibe with ambient lighting.