It’s up to you how often you wash your towels and linen as there’s no set rule, but some do need extra love to avoid spreading bacteria and other nasties. Generally it is recommended to wash this laundry fortnightly - however you’ll know if something needs washing sooner rather than later, like when you sweat in summer or when you have a spill in the kitchen.

There are particular pieces that should be washed more frequently to keep them clean whether it be from the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.



Blankets and doonas don’t need to be washed that often especially if you use sheets. You can get away with washing them once before each season and they usually need dry cleaning. As for doona covers, you may want to wash these once a month.

Sheets & Pillow Cases

It’s standard to wash sheets & pillow cases fortnightly unless you sweat in your sleep or have a dust mite allergy.


Body Towels

Towels are prone to collect bacteria and can easily develop mould if not dried properly after each use. It’s recommended to wash body towels after three uses.

Hand Towels

The same applies for hand towels as body towels.

Face Cloths

You do not want to wash your face with anything dirty so you should wash your face cloths after every use, replacing them daily.

Bath Robes

If you use your bath robe after drying with your bath towel then you can wash your robe weekly (granted you don’t stay in it all day)!


Tea Towels

Seeing your tea towel has many uses in the kitchen and can be used to dry clean dishes, it’s best to wash them after every use to avoid spreading bacteria from dishes to food and to your hands.