Options are absolutely endless when it comes to home decor shopping that it can get overwhelming. How can one make an easy decision in an oversaturated market? We’ve done some digging on what’s essential to interior designers to make that shopping experience a lot more enjoyable. Sometimes a room just needs one piece of decor to make a statement. 

Coffee table books

This one may sound a bit cliche, but they work. Books on your coffee table not only look good, they are conversation starters for when you have guests over. We suggest rotating them at least monthly so there’s always something fresh to read and discuss. 

Bold artwork

Every home needs a bold piece of artwork, whether it be an abstract painting or even photography. You don’t have to invest a fortune either - just go with something that speaks to you and it will for sure speak to your guests.

Jute rug

A jute rug is perfect for any space - it matches with anything and gives off a feeling of warmth. Best of all, it is affordable.

Clay pottery

Whether it be for plants, kitchen utensils, or empty on their own, clay pottery is soulful and can be matched with anything. Clay pottery is considered vintage so you can usually score some beautiful pottery in the second hand shops.

Sheepskin throws

Sheepskin throws are simple and add a bit of luxury and sophistication to the floor in any room including the nursery.

Bamboo bedding

Unless someone is sleeping in the bed, they may not realise how luxurious and soft bamboo bedding really is, but knowing your bedding is bamboo is enough - it’s sustainable & you’ll for sure be getting better rest.

Metal curtain rods

An affordable way to dress up your windows is to use a metal curtain rod. From brass to silver, they will for sure make a statement.

Potted plants

We’ve said it many times - bring the outdoors in! Plants bring life and peace to an indoor space so you can never go wrong.