It’s so easy to call a plumber when a plumbing issue arises because the thought of fixing it yourself may simply gross you out. From clogs to smells, these issues are never pleasant. There are some common issues that may happen often so it’s worth problem solving on your own rather than unnecessarily spending your savings on a plumber each time.

Majority of plumber call outs involve a nasty odour that overpower the fragrant candles & air fresheners. The following are three common complaints that plumbers are hired to sort…


A sewer smell normally stems from the toilet and can be from the drain or the base. 

  1. Check the wax ring around the drain - if your toilet bowl shakes then you may need to replace this ring.
  2. Check the caulking around the toilet base as this area can build up with bacteria. Apply more caulking to prevent further build ups.


If you have an A/C unit then that could be the cause of a stinky feet stench resulting from mould.

  1. Check the drain pan and remove any stagnant water. If this doesn’t do the trick, then you may have to make a phone call.

Rotten Eggs

That rotten egg/sulphur smell can potentially be from your water heater or from your sink.

  1. Check the smell of your hot water. If the water smells like rotten eggs then it’s most likely from your heater. Increase the temperature and run the water on all taps to flush through the bad bacteria in the system.
  2. Check the sink overflow under the faucet. If that’s the culprit, then pour down half a cup of bleach diluted with half a cup of water.