If you’ve worked with a Home Stager before, you would already know their work is like performing magic on your home. It’s amazing just how much they can transform a lived in property into a showhome with just design and organisational skills! No, home stagers do not clean - they tidy and rearrange.

While skills are required, some tidying methods aren’t a secret and can be done by anyone with the time and energy. The following are tidy tricks that Home Stagers have up their sleeves…

Cover storage

No one really wants to see your storage so it’s best to store where things can be hidden. Open storage spaces only add the illusion of clutter, unless of course you are displaying artwork or lovely chinaware. Otherwise, stick to closed storage.

Clear up space

Less is more! Some things just do not need to be on display so things like personal items, beauty products, and appliances can be neatly stored out of sight. Let the potential buyer imagine themselves living there, not wondering who they are buying from.

Cluster items

Regardless of the items or room, group similar items together and avoid spreading things out. Clustering things together, if done properly, makes your home seem more organized and well designed.

Use a tray

Some items you cluster together may look better if placed on a trendy tray. Trays are great for everyday items so they don’t get misplaced - this includes keys, phone, wallet, etc.

Discard unnecessary items

It goes without saying, if you don’t need it, get rid of it. An easy way to start the discard (or donate) process is by eliminating anything you have duplicates of. For example, you probably don’t need more than one of each kitchen appliance, and there’s definitely someone out there who can use that spare.