Have you ever called a repairman out to fix something only to realise it was a simple job you could have done yourself for free? With services so easily available, it’s normal that our brains would opt to make a phone call rather than figuring it out on our own. A two minute YouTube video is sometimes all you need to save you $100 or more.

We’re not suggesting that you should attempt all repairs as some can lead to further damage or even danger. Therefore, we want to share some tips as a guide to what you can and can’t repair.

Toilet Build-ups

A common mistake that many people make is flushing the wrong things down the toilet or down the drain. While this does require unclogging, it can be done simply with home remedies. However, depending what went down the drain to cause the build up, it may require specific tools that only a plumber will carry. Before you ring your plumber, consider what is causing the blockage and go from there to determine if you need assistance or not.


If you have a manual, READ IT! So often do we avoid reading manuals and directions thinking we can figure it out on our own, but when it comes time to troubleshoot - one sentence can save us both time and money.

Bad Odours

It may be tempting to seek help when you’ve been smelling a foul odour from one of your large appliances for days, but usually these issues can be sorted within minutes. A washing machine may just need a good clean while a dishwasher may have a clogged filter. Whatever appliance, this info is sure to be online.

Dangerous Projects

If you’re considering a DIY project that poses a hazardous risk, it’s best to seek a professional. We all want to save money, but some jobs require proper knowledge and skills to prevent anything from going wrong whether it be medical injuries or bigger repairs