If you are thinking about selling your home, you are probably already gathering ideas and plans on how you can increase its value through renovations and upgrades. Not all home sellers have the time to make major enhancements so we put together four things you can get done in a weekend to reap some extra profit when the time comes to sell. 

Quick and simple home upgrades may not bring up the value as a brand new shiny kitchen, but nor will they break the bank. These weekend jobs are barely an expense and they may even help sell your home faster.


Your personal belongings are just a distraction to potential buyers so it’s time to clear out. Think of this as a step in the moving process and you’re just getting a head start. The less ‘stuff’ around, the more spacious your home will appear hence why it can add value. Give potential buyers the opportunity to image themselves living in your home and make sure to rearrange some things after the unnecessary is cleared out - you will even see your home in a new light.

Paint Touch Up

A little paint really goes a long way especially in the main areas of a home. Whether your current paint job has chips, stains, or is just old, a new lick of paint gives a room a complete refresh making it more shiny & bright. The illusion of being brand new can add value!


It goes without saying that you should deep clean your home from ceiling to floor. No one likes a dirty or messy place to live in so even the slightest bit of mess can turn people away. If you don’t have the time or resources to get this job done, there are plenty of professionals out there who can get the task done quickly & affordably. 

Garden/Lawn Tidy Up

The first impression people get of your home is your front garden/lawn (along with the facade) so give people something positive on the outside so they can feel the same inside. It’s like judging a book by its cover…