We may not go overboard with Christmas decorations in Australia, but we sure do love getting into the festive spirit. Floral arrangements, whether real or faux, make beautiful yet simple holiday decor that you can easily DIY with your loved ones while playing Christmas tunes. It’s a great way to get into the spirit and keep it going until the holiday season is over.

Wreaths are a staple decoration next to the good old christmas tree. They are fun & easy to make too especially when using a pre made faux wreath. 

All you will need are these bits:

-Faux wreath of your choice (find a nice size depending on where you will hang it)


-Florist Wire

-Variety of flowers, baubles, etc. (get creative!)

Step One: With your secateurs, cut the florist wire in 10cm pieces and slightly trim your flowers leaving enough stem to secure them to the wreath.

Step Two: Work around the wreath in sections, attaching your flowers with the wire. We recommend laying the flowers out on the wreath first to ensure you are happy with the layout.

Step Three: Make your hanging ribbon by pulling it through the middle of the wreath and attaching both ends at the top of the wreath with a bow. 

Step Four: Hang it up!

If you’re not a fan of wreaths and want to go for something more diverse, simple, and alive, the Christmas Lilly (Hippeastrum) is a great option as it lasts long and can stick around after the festive season is over. Plus the fragrance of real flowers in the home is always calming especially during such a busy time of year!

We’re not suggesting to make a wreath with these lilies, but rather a centerpiece for your dining table, living room, or wherever your heart desires. Christmas Lilies are surprisingly low maintenance with little need for water and grow well in pots. There are of course tricks to keeping them alive and well…

Cut Lilies in a Vase

Cut lily buds can last at least 2 weeks when stored in a vase. It takes about a week to open and then will last another week once open. There’s not much rocket science to maintaining these, however, we do recommend keeping them in a separate vase for that first week and then moving them to another vase with flowers of the same life span. 

Potted Lilies

It may be a bit too late to plant bulbs in time for Christmas, but you can buy potted arrangements or simply plant blooming lilies. These potted plants can live indoors temporarily so be sure it is either in a full sun or partly shaded location outdoors after it’s used as your Christmas centerpiece.