One thing we can be sure of at this time of year - our homes will soon gain clutter. Even though this clutter applies to holiday gifts, which will be new and fun to receive, it’s a good idea to prepare so your home doesn’t get overwhelmed with stuff. The easiest way to usually do it is by getting rid of one old item to make way for the same new item, but you're going to get more than one gift nor do you know for sure what’s coming your way. Declutter by category instead!

Holiday decluttering is a bit like spring cleaning where you get rid of things that no longer serve you nor bring you joy - it’s a fresh start to the season while holiday decluttering gives you a fresh start to a whole new year. Also, allowing space for the new makes you appreciate your gifts from your loved ones a whole lot more.

First things first, have a good think as to what you and your household can expect this Christmas - it’s probably not too far off from previous years. Once you have gift categories lined up (clothing, toys, tools, electronics, etc.) then you will know when and where to start the decluttering. 

Before tackling, set a rule for each category and aim to stick to it. For example, if you are expecting books, set a rule to remove 4x books on your shelf that you have already read and donate them to your local op shop. If you are expecting clothes, set a rule to sell 3x designer pieces that you no longer wear and put that money towards Christmas presents for your immediate family. Setting these declutter rules will make the whole process a lot more meaningful and enjoyable. You may even be tempted to donate everything to charity - it’s the season of giving after all!