The hectic holiday season is finally here! While it’s the most joyous time of the year, there’s so much going on between socialising, partying, planning, and shopping - no wonder it can get overwhelming. Most of us even have hosting on our list, which requires patience and being present. 

Hosting a holiday event, whether it be a small lunch with friends or a big family gathering, is not easy with so much going on so it pays to focus only on what’s most important rather than getting yourself overwhelmed trying to do it all. The most important part of hosting is making your guests comfortable and welcome. These tips should help you be the best host you can be this holiday season…


A stressed out host will make guests feel uncomfortable so it’s best to prepare as much as possible in advance to avoid frantic moments on the day. Guests will feel relaxed as long as the host is relaxed and their needs are considered and met.


Assuming your guests are your friends and/or family, they would most likely be happy to give you a hand if needed so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether your guests bring a dish, create a playlist, or make decorations, each little bit will take some pressure off. At the end of the day, every attendee has the same desire - to have a great time!


There are professional services and products that can save you heaps of time - it’s just a matter of spending the money. Preparing food can be a mission so why not consider a caterer? You can potentially cut costs on another expense to make this happen. Rest assured, it will be worth the expense if it means you’ll have more time to prepare other things and to ensure you keep calm on the big day.