A house that hasn’t been renovated in years will eventually look dated and tired. If you’re planning to sell your home in the next few years, it’s worth investing in renovations to increase your resale value. Otherwise, your house may be labeled as a ‘doer-upper’ with a low rateable value.

We’ve put together five finishings/materials that are not only trending, they will also last for years to come. Investing in top quality materials will pay off in the long run, especially with potential buyers who understand the value of them.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Solid wood and engineered wood may look exactly the same, but they are constructed differently. Engineered wood has a thinner layer of hardwood, which makes it slightly less expensive. However this thin layer of hardwood is attached to an extra layer of plywood, which gives it extra stability. It can last up to 45 years and you don’t have to worry about floor creaking or warping with that extra layer! 

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the best and most durable materials for countertops especially over granite, marble, and concrete. With a non-porous surface, quartz will not harbour bacteria and it is stain resistant so its maintenance & cleanliness is a breeze. The downside of quartz is the expense, but it will pay out in the long run. 

Neutral Walls

Not everyone has the same taste or style when it comes to home decor and sometimes it can be hard for potential buyers to look past dark or bright colours and/or busy wallpaper. They can be turn offs for those not looking to make major changes. Even if your walls are neutral already, it is worth freshening them up if they are starting to look dull so there’s one less thing a buyer has to worry about.  

High Quality Fixtures

It may be tempting to use plastic fixtures for your plumbing because it’s so cheap, but when you think long term - it’s just not worth it. Plastic fixtures whether for plumbing or any other use are short lived hence making replacements a necessity. The money you spend over time on replacements will make you wish you started with brass or metal fixtures from day one. And you can be sure plastic will decrease your home’s value.

Anything BUT Carpet

Most buyers will want to replace old carpets so give them a reason not to make any changes to protect the value of your home. Hardwood is the best option as it is long lasting and appeals to most tastes, but there’s also porcelain tile, stone tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring.