Housework is never really fun especially when things aren’t easy like window cleaning. While a house full of windows is beautiful bringing in heaps of sunshine - it can be a hassle when it comes time to clean off the dirt and grime that accumulates over time on the window itself and in the window tracks. 

Window tracks are extremely tough to clean as dirt is prone to getting stuck in those tight grooves. You may have tried vacuuming or using a wet rag to only find it has made things worse. But don’t lose hope, we’ve found a simple trick that may just do the job as it does for us! 

Step One:

Spray the window tracks with an all purpose cleaner

Step Two: 

Loosen the dirt with a sponge

Step Three:

Soak up the wet dirt with a paper towel

That’s all there is to it! Paper towels are great at absorbing dirt & water unlike rags that just rub the dirt in even more. If you find yourself putting off the chore of window cleaning, then make it a point to use your paper towels each time you open a new pack. Triggers are helpful reminders.