The smell of smoke whether it be from the oven or the log burner is never pleasant inside a home. It can often linger making it a challenge to get rid of it while it seeps into your fabrics from furniture to clothing. Each piece of fabric should be treated differently when deodorising, but can all be taken care of naturally. 


Removing the smell of smoke on furniture can be quite tricky seeing you can’t just stick it in the washing machine. Therefore, we strongly recommend making a natural fabric spray with witch hazel and lemon essential oil - this combo is great at neutralising odours. Lemon essential oil is known for its air purifying properties, which is why it’s best to use over other oils. All you need to do is spray the fabric liberally then leave it to dry before using. 


It may take a bit more work with rugs & curtains, but at least these can be easily moved around. Baking soda neutralises and absorbs odours rather than just covering them up so we suggest mixing them in a large bag with plenty of baking soda. Give it a good shake and leave for 24 hours before taking them out (outdoors of course) for another good shake and washing as per the care label.


A smoke smell on your clothing can be quite embarrassing so you’ll want to treat your garments as soon as possible. Baking soda is definitely an option if you want to try that. Otherwise, another great solution is vinegar. Simply mix one cup of white vinegar in a sink with water and soak your clothing items in this for up to two hours before washing as per usual.

As with anything smelly, the sun and wind also help heaps so rather than drying your rugs, curtains, or clothing in a machine, put them out on the line to dry!