If you just moved into a new home or find yourself cooking at home a lot more than usual, you may want to consider where everything is placed and how it is working for you. When determining where your kitchen items should live, efficiency & space should be your main concerns. With less out on your countertops, you’ll have more cooking space, but you also don’t want to constantly be pulling things out of the cupboards. 


Things that don’t belong on your counters



While it may be convenient to store your utensils on the counter, they are subject to dust and grim being out in the open (especially near the stove). To avoid having to rinse them off before use, it’s best to have a ‘utensil drawer’ where they are all together and protected.



We get it, mugs can be ornamental, but we suggest keeping them in the cupboard away from dust just like your utensils. Mugs also add unnecessary clutter. 



Oil bottles can be nice to look at, but to preserve the oil itself it’s best to store them in your cupboard away from light. Plus they sometimes leak and you don’t want to clean your counters anymore than you already do!

Things that do belong on your counters


Daily Appliances

It can get annoying real fast if you have to pull your electric kettle, nespresso machine, or your toaster out every day. If you are using an appliance daily to fortnightly, just leave it out and plugged in to make your life easier.



Fresh Herbs

Having pots filled with fresh growing herbs that you use often is both helpful and decorative. As you already know, we love bringing the outdoors in and herbs are the best option for the kitchen so you can flavour your dishes. You will be a whole lot more inclined to add them to your dishes if they are near rather than out in your garden.