One thing we often overlook when renovating our homes is how our neighbours will feel. They may not be affected by internal renovations (apart from noise), but they do have to see the exterior of your home every day. Ultimately it’s your house and your decision, but there are some renovations that can boost your brownie points on the block especially if you give your neighbours the heads up before the job begins. Just as much as you would like a beautiful neighbourhood, so does everyone else!

If you own an apartment, you are limited on your external options, however you can always soundproof your walls and floors - that will for sure make your neighbours happy! If you own a stand alone house, here are some home renovations that your neighbours will appreciate…


Your driveway is highly visible to all traffic on your street so it goes without saying that an upgrade will be in the interest of your neighbours especially if it is made with concrete or asphalt to last for years to come. 


A fresh coat of paint on your home adds curb appeal and makes things appear more polished. You may want to be selective on your colour choice by choosing something that blends well with the other homes.



While it may be anti-social, everyone wants privacy in their own home so a high fence is never really frowned upon. It’s recommended to chat with your neighbours first so they don’t assume you’re just being unfriendly! More than likely, they will be glad someone is beating them to it.


External lights create a nice ambiance for you and others. Who likes a dark street that seems as if no one is around? Sensor lights are also helpful for neighbours for that extra bit of security.


While it may not be as common in Australia, front porches make your home more inviting and opens up opportunities to get to know your neighbours. The more you are outside in the front of your house, the more you will get to know the community you live in. Neighbours will appreciate building that connection thanks to your front porch or veranda.


It goes without saying that a well maintained lawn is appreciated...and very much expected from your neighbours! The more colour and variety you can add to your landscaping the more appealing it will be and it might even inspire others to do the same.