Using bold colours in your home can be like stepping out of your comfort zone - it can cause hesitation, but it’s so worth it in the end. Colours not only make a statement and affect your mood, they also give a room personality. But like anything, choosing your colours whether it be paint or accessories does require a good eye for design. 

The bedroom is usually a safe space to start with and get creative since it’s not for show and is rarely seen by guests. Soft colours like pastels are calming and make a space feel brighter & bigger, but sometimes it’s just not enough & you need things to pop. If you’re in that boat, our tips should help make those decisions a bit easier. 


Black and white is a beautiful combo, but it can be quite harsh since they are so drastic. We recommend opting for a dark blue or dark grey variation with white to give that boldness while also adding a softness. 


Brighter colours should be saved for the accessories or detailing. This is more beneficial for the longer term since accessories can be easily swapped out. The image below is a great example of using a bold print in accessories - the additional leopard print is so minimal, but really pops. 


It can be difficult to choose your colours so we suggest starting with one bold piece, whether it’s already in your room or not, and then work from there to balance the colours out. For example, if you already have a dark green chair in your room, you can then add mint green or dark green accents. 


Colour doesn’t have to be added through accessories or simply painting a single colour on the wall. Step out of your comfort zone and try a printed feature wall. Green, as shown in the image below, is the latest trend that will never die being a colour of nature. Prints are so vibrant that it doesn’t matter how simple your room is otherwise.