Now that you have made the decision to build a fire pit after our last article 4 Tips to Make a Fire Pit, we thought you can use some design inspiration. There are so many different ways to make a fire pit from rustic to modern with materials from brick to stone. This is going to be your family’s new outdoor evening activity so it’s best you construct one you’re happy with, along with adding or building some comfy seating! 

Here are six designs and we’re sure you’ll love one, if not all. 


Also known as built in fire pits, these are great as long as you have a lid for safety and for space. If you have a small backyard, you may want to consider this option so you don’t lose any floor space - just make sure that lid is sturdy enough to walk over. 


The more popular option, above ground fire pits may take up more space, but they tend to be more comfortable to sit around since the fire is higher. These are also a lot more versatile and are able to be moved around your yard.



For those that love modern design, concrete fire pits look sleek and chic in any shape. Make sure to do your research as some concrete options are not designed to use with fire.


Bricks are probably the easiest material to make a fire pit with. They also allow you to get creative!


Another easy & creative option is to construct your pit with large stones in all shapes and sizes. They also add a rustic and cozy feel. Make sure to use something like concrete to keep the stones in place.


If you’re going to be entertaining around your fire pit, you may as well create table space around the fire - you’ll need somewhere to put your drink down!