Now more than ever we understand how important it is to clean and disinfect - this goes for everything around us, not just our hands. Germs are all around us, especially in our homes. While we may clean weekly (or more), it’s normal that there are spots or spaces we overlook. Here are a few spots and things that carry many germs and are often missed in the cleaning process…

Electronic Devices

Our devices (phones, laptops, tablets) are filthy if we’re not wiping them down regularly! Just think about how much use they get versus how often they get disinfected. Don’t forget they usually go wherever you go so they pick up germs from the outside world too (and then make their way back home).

Door Knobs & Handles

We already know our hands carry bacteria so obviously the things we touch most often are carriers. Door knobs and handles should be wiped down as often as possible to prevent any germs spreading throughout your household.


Whether it be kids toys or pet toys, both usually make their way into mouths and get slobbered with saliva. It’s best to stick with toys that can be machine washed so you can easily and frequently free them from all of that festering bacteria.

Tea Towels

It’s a bit ironic that we use the same thing on dirty surfaces as we do clean dishes & clean hands, but it goes without saying that we shouldn’t use the same towel for both uses. Ideally we should be throwing our tea towels in the washing machine fortnightly. 


Our food carries bacteria, especially unpackaged products like meats, vegetables, and fruit. While it’s recommended that you wash these items before putting them in your fridge, it’s a good idea to clean your shelves monthly.