With so many Australians and people around the globe working from home, it’s important for us all to create a workspace that sparks creativity, increases productivity, and simply makes us feel good. For those who are used to working around many others, it can be quite challenging & demotivating to work from home alone so your home office needs to offer more than just a desk and chair - it needs life!

We put together some easy to do tips for you to style your home office and hope it gives you some inspiration.

Create calmness

We’re already living in a stressful time, you don’t need any extra stress that work may bring. Add elements to your office that keep you calm - this may include plants, scents (candles, diffusers, or incense), pictures, or books. If you miss traveling, a map or globe is a great thing to add as it’s a reminder of good things to come. You don’t have to buy anything new to create calmness - just pick items from around your house to move into the new space.

Keep it bright

A workspace should be brightly lit preferably with sunlight to keep you alert and energised so if you’re not already in a sunny spot, you may want to shuffle around. If sunlight isn’t an option then we highly recommend using bright lamps or floor lights. Again this is something you may be able to pull from another room. Lighting sets the mood in the room and is a great way to differentiate between your rooms for production and for relaxation. 

Add colour

Along with lighting, colour creates a mood. Yellows and oranges give off energy while blues & greens give off calmer feelings. Add whatever colour speaks to you, even the littlest bit will make things brighter.

Keep it organised

Organisation is the key to productivity. If you work surrounded by chaos, your work will get messy along with it. Shelves and drawers are good at keeping clutter tucked away. Try to keep your workload organised as well - calendars, to do lists, and diaries are all helpful.

Add personal touches

The idea is to make your workspace, YOURS. Add personal touches that speak to you, your life, and your experiences. This can include photos, quotes, and memorabilia. These little things will keep you smiling.