If you’re a homeowner, chances are you have something you want to do with your home, but have been holding it off. Whether it be maintenance or a repair, 92% of Australians have at least one home project on their list according to research done by hipages. Now that the majority of the country is staying cooped up at home, it’s the perfect time to square away those pending projects. 

We put together the top three things that most Australians have been putting off with our advice on how to best tackle the task during these tough (and quite boring) times. Rather than looking at what needs love, take action and you will feel so much better in your home. There might not be much else you can do at the moment and it would be a great way to connect with those you are indoors with. 


Obviously cleaning would make our list! Since we end up cleaning nearly every day, it’s no wonder we shy away from those ‘once in a blue’ or ‘hard to reach’ places to clean. To ensure you get the job done, we recommend starting with an intensive checklist including everything from oven cleaning to carpet cleaning. If you are home with a few family members/friends, each person could be designated a task that they are responsible for. It’s always best for each person to tackle one task at a time to be the most productive. Make sure not to forget about the outside of your house too!



For some, gardening is one of the most relaxing things you can do at home, but for others it’s a mission. There is quite a lot to learn when it comes to caring for your garden so you may as well start learning online (there is plenty of gardening advice on Youtube) since you can’t hire a gardener/landscaper. Jobs such as weeding, mowing, pruning, and tidying are pretty straightforward requiring little green thumb knowledge. If you do not have access to what’s required to start gardening now then we recommend to keep on learning so you’ll be ready to go when we return to normalcy. It’s so rewarding to watch your green babies grow. 



We’re not going to lie - painting is a big and intensive job! But it can also be fun, therefore we suggest getting the others in your household involved (as we suggested for cleaning). The more hands on deck, the quicker you’ll get things done too. Hopefully you have access to the materials you need to get going, but if not - you can start the preparation process by moving and covering furniture, along with covering floors. If someone in your household doesn’t feel comfortable painting then the preparation stage is a great task for them to help with (if you can get the paint job done during this lockdown). Rest assured you will feel like you’re in a fresh new home after.