There’s something about built in shelving that makes a home special. While these shelves are used for storing things, we normally display our most treasured items - the things that speak most to us to give your home a piece of you. From your favourite books to a vintage record player, built in shelves are unique for what fills them. We’ve been noticing a new trend in America of this shelving around or next to doorways being used as bookcases. These doorway bookcases are both aesthetic and homey - we can see them soon making their way into Australian homes. Here are a few different ones we found on Pinterest and absolutely love!

White and Grand

Colourful books bring a white bookcase to life! We love the sliding doors and the grand size of this one as it makes such a statement. 

Small and Simple

Not every home has the space for such a massive bookcase, but every home can make do with what they do have. Open shelving is a great option for smaller spaces as it makes the bookcase appear larger as shown in the image.

Hidden Doorway

Hidden doors don’t have to be for the movies only! This is another great option for smaller houses with bookworm dwellers - it’s a perfect example of using space wisely.

Two Tone and Sleek

It might be a bit tricky to find so many white-ish books, but this does look sharp, sleek, and classic.Bookcases can be any colour to suit your home. 


Who said bookcases need to be straight? This arched bookcase is creative and gives off a European feel especially filled with ancient books.

L Shaped

You may as well take advantage of the doorway itself! Not only do we love this L shaped style, the lighting on each shelf is so warm and inviting. 

Ladder Rail

Now this is an efficient bookcase - you’ll most likely ignore the books at the top of these large bookcases, but not if you have such an easy way to reach them...at all times. This ladder is brilliant and beautiful too.