Minimalist kitchens require work - they build up clutter & mess very quickly. With little space, it’s recommended to own less to provide more breathing space. For example, full cupboards and drawers are not going to make things any easier - they will make it hard to find things while also giving you the opportunity to create more of a mess on your countertops. Here are ways to maintain your minimalist kitchen and lifestyle…

Don’t own more than needed

You really only need enough dishes, cups, and cutlery to cover everyone in the household (unless you frequently have dinner parties) so keep your collection to the minimum. And when you have guests, you can figure something out when the time comes.

Keep only kitchen things 

Kitchens are for things you need in the kitchen, nothing else. For example, entertainment items belong in the living room or bedroom and if you barely use your blender you can store it somewhere else in the house where there’s space. 

Avoid useless uni-taskers

Appliances that can only do one thing are not efficient enough to take up real estate in your small space. If you have any now, you might want to look at donating it so you can replace it with a multi tasker.

Clean before bedtime

A great way to start your day is with coffee or tea in a tidy kitchen so it’s best to clean in the evening to start things right!

Keep counters clear

The more things on your counters, the more cluttered your kitchen will look and feel. If it doesn’t need to be out in the open, store it away.

Store only the food you need

Sometimes we forget that food takes up storage so try not to fill up your shelves too much - supply just enough to get you through a week or two.

Purge your fridge

Just because your fridge is hidden doesn’t mean it should be cluttered - you do see it every day so clean it out. Expired food isn’t good for us after all!