With property prices on the rise, we are seeing an influx of people downsizing their home whether it be for location or finances. Decorating a smaller space requires thoughtful planning to maintain a feeling of spaciousness - not all pieces of furniture from your larger dwelling will work unfortunately. Small spaces need less stuff, more organisation, and brighter colours for it to feel large - yes, it’s possible. You’d be surprised at how much you can do with so little.


Light can make a huge difference. The more windows, the more you bring the outdoors in making any space look larger. Lamps and hanging pendant lights are a great alternative to more bulky fixtures. Also, warm glows over bright white light give a calming and inviting ambiance.


It goes without saying that large bulky furniture isn’t going to work in a small space. The last thing you want to do is make your home feel cramped and cluttered, but you also want everyone to be comfortable, including visitors. Extendable dining tables are a great option if you have space to store additional seats. L shaped sofas are also great as they provide extra comfort to sprawl out, while also providing plenty of space for several people to sit upright. Designers are adapting to the market needs and coming up with very innovative designs - you can now even find stackable furniture!


As mentioned already, small spaces require more organisation and this is where storage comes in handy - you want to be able to hide things away that you don’t use often. Remember that storing above and below is the way to go. Rather than store an empty suitcase at the top of your closet, fill it up with those one in a blue items. Tiny houses on wheels are prime examples of how well you can utilise space from storage under each step to sofas based by storage boxes. 


Lighten things up! Dark colours give off a cramped feel even it there is plenty of space. Whites and neutral tones make a space appear brighter and larger. If you already have dark pieces, you can spice them up with light coloured accessories. Just don’t go overboard and make sure there is a consistent colour scheme.