Home Stagers have a pretty cool career - they prepare properties for sale by making them more appealing. If you are pressed for time, Home Stagers can be a huge help in selling your property swiftly.  But let’s be real, your home should always be appealing so you can feel true comfort & calm in your little abode. Whether you are getting ready to sell your home or want to just tidy up, these organising tips will be useful.


Some of us like a bit of organised chaos and that’s fine, but you can hide it away turning that chaos into creativity. Baskets especially woven ones are visually appealing giving off a coziness feel plus they come in an array of sizes and styles. When they have a top cover they are the perfect solution for tucking away random bits that do not need to be out in the open.



Clutter is chaos! There are bound to be things in your home that you just don’t need, ever. Yes you can store things in baskets, but not everything. As they say, one man’s trash is another’s treasure so donating or selling your unwanted goods are a great way to dispose of them. 


If you are struggling with what things to get rid of (remember, clutter is chaos), an easy way to do it is to colour coordinate! Any item, whether it be a book or piece of clothing, that doesn’t quite match with what you do want to keep could probably be donated to your nearest op shop. Colour coordination makes things look a lot neater, especially when it is out in the open.

Dining Room

Dining rooms are no longer a thing - they are so much more. From working to socialising, dining tables have multi uses, but they should never lose their charm. If you are staging your home for potential buyers, give them an opportunity to envision their family dinners by keeping the dining table a place to dine at. 

Drawers & Closets

Just because your drawers & closets are hidden doesn’t mean it’s okay to keep them messy. You may not realise it, but opening a messy drawer can actually cause stress - you’ll feel heaps better opening a drawer of neatly folded shirts. Oh and don’t think potential buyers won’t peep in either - they will open everything to see if there’s space for their belongings.