No kitchen design is alike - there are an array of different layouts from the placement of appliances to the arrangement of your countertops. Kitchen layouts are mainly designed for efficiency over aesthetics hence why your available space is a leading factor in choosing the right one. 

There are four popular layouts based on whether you have minimal space or heaps of space. If you’re building or remodeling a kitchen, we sure hope this helps you on your creative journey.

Minimal Space

Single Wall/Straight Kitchen

The straight kitchen floor plan is really easy to work with especially for small households. With everything consolidated to one wall, it’s simple enough to avoid misplacing things. 

The Galley

The Galley is the best option for a small area consisting of two parallel walls with appliances and/or cabinets facing each other. Unlike the straight wall, the galley offers more storage and can offer more counter space.

Heaps of Space

U Shape

A U-shaped kitchen is versatile and allows the user plenty of space to move, cook, and store things. The more space you have, the less messy it will be - not only because there is more storage, but there can be more than one person in the area to help!

L Shape

An L-shaped kitchen consists of two perpendicular walls of cupboards forming an L shape. This is our favourite layout with an island as it’s practical giving the user plenty of space and storage while being compact and even social too. It is also easily adaptable - for example, you can add an extra sink or cabinets on the island.

As mentioned, your available space plays a big part of your layout, but you should also consider how many people will be using it at one given time.