Messy cupboards, messy drawers, messy garages - we all have messes hidden away in our home. And being hidden makes it so easy to overlook them and delay tidying them up. One place that normally gets overlooked is that cabinet under your kitchen sink - it’s already cluttered as it is with plumbing and then gets loaded with cleaning supplies. 

Weekends are a great time to declutter so we’ve got your next weekend sorted! Here are four steps to reorganise your cabinet so that you can feel good every time you open it (until it gets cluttered again).

Step One: Remove 

Take everything out from the cabinet and lay it out on the kitchen floor.

Step Two: Sort

Now that everything is out on your kitchen floor, make two separate piles - one of the products you need and another with what you don’t need. Chuck the stuff you no longer need - there’s no reason to hang on to dirty sponges!

Step Three: Organise

Before you put things back, pair up items that should stick together. For example, all of the cleaning products can go on the top shelf, while sponges, scourers, and gloves can go together on the bottom shelf.

Step Four: Bin

Now that everything is paired up, we highly recommend using some sort of organiser such as a bin or basket to keep everything extra tidy. This will also help maintain that clutter free cabinet. Now everything should be ready to be tucked in nicely under your sink.