All homes have corners and there’s most likely one that just seems a bit off. Awkward empty corners are common and require a little bit of creativity to bring it to life - you can DIY too! We’ve put together some of our favourite ideas and hope it helps to fill that empty space in your home.



Shelves are such a quick and easy solution that you can do yourself. They can be decorative by displaying books, plants, and memorabilia or they can be useful for storage, especially in the bathroom to hold toiletries or in an office to hold stationery. 


Chairs almost always work in corners, especially in the living room or bedroom. Even if it doesn’t get much use, it will add coziness to the space. Corner chairs are great for reading so you might even want to jazz it up with a bookshelf or magazine rack.



You can never go wrong with a plant - they literally bring life into a home & it’s fascinating to watch them grow. Peace Lilies, as shown in the image above (in the right corner), are great as they help to clean the air from toxins. Now that’s making the most of a corner!



Floor lamps are another excellent option for a corner and work best in the living room next to your sofa. Sometimes ceiling lights can be bright so it’s nice to have a dimmer option when reading and relaxing in the evening. And if you are caught up with our last article you will know just how important light is!


Even if you don’t work from home, a desk looks smart and can still be a useful place to sort your personal life - we all have to do lists! It’s also a great way to seperate computer and couch time as so many of us watch Netflix with our laptop or smartphone. You can even use this space for reading, writing, sewing, etc.