It’s so important for one’s well being to live in a bright home especially during the dark winters. But unfortunately not every house was built to capture the sunlight all day long. Adding more windows can be costly so you’ll be pleased to know that decor can help make a room bright and airy without breaking the bank. Here are our top tricks to liven your home…

Trick One: Add Greenery

The more plants you bring into your home, the more of the outdoors you bring in - including light. That pretty much says it all. If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for succulents as they require very little maintenance.

Trick Two: Add Mirrors

Mirrors easily add light and space with their reflection. If it seems a bit boring to hang a mirror over artwork, you can find one (or some) that suit your style. Geometric shaped mirrors give off a more decorative look.

Trick Three: Add Shelves

Shelves are a great way to display books, plants, photos, and everything else that will bring more brightness (and even some coziness). Floating shelves are the best option as they do not take up any floor space.

Trick Four: Add Colourful Art

Color is just as important as light! Giving your walls some colourful love will bring positive vibes to a home. Get creative with this - maybe even have a go at creating your own masterpiece! Any photo, print, or painting of the outside world would work great.