A picture perfect kitchen has everything tucked away hidden from the eye. Pantry’s are the best solution to keeping your kitchen pristine. Pantries come in various styles and sizes and can store anything from appliances to food. They can be freestanding, built-in, walk-in, or even hanging. With variation comes planning so these top tips will help you to create the perfect pantry.


Determine your space

Before you start anything, you should take measurements of the space you have available for your pantry and how it will be utilised. You want to have a walkway width of at least 1000mm so keep that in mind. The last thing you want is a cluttered kitchen - a pantry should have the opposite effect!

Determine your budget

Your options can drastically change depending on how much you’re willing to spend. If funds are low, you can easily make this a DIY project with inexpensive materials including recycled wood. Or you can splurge on high end materials that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Determine the features

You want to make sure your pantry works for you now and always so figure out what features you ‘must-have’ whether it be lighting, doors, or shelving.

Determine your organisation

The key to the perfect pantry is keeping it organised. Once you know what the pantry will be used for, you can map out how the items will be lined up and how they will be stored. Jars are great for anything packaged in a bag including rice, cereals, and pastas - not only will they help with organisation, your food will last longer. The more organised your pantry, the more space you will be able to play with.

Determine the extras

Little fixings can make all the difference - you might just have to get creative! If there is extra space, add a hook or two to hang tea towels or your favourite mugs. Lighting is also something you want to consider for your late night meals.