Spring is officially here and it's time to spring clean our homes. A clean, tidy, and clutter free home will help you kick start the season with a positive attitude - you’ll feel lighter and more relaxed. 

If the thought of tackling this job seems scary, we recommend watching Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix to watch others minimise their possessions and organise their home. Marie offers excellent advice on how to tidy up your home from questions to ask yourself before donating that shirt from three years ago to different ways how to fold your clothes. Letting go is never easy, but it will make your life easier. Here are just some steps to get you through this year’s spring clean…

Let go

The first step is to clear out everything that is unwanted and unused - best to start with clothing. Marie Kondo recommends asking yourself if an item brings you joy and if not, it is time to let go. So many of us hold on to things in hopes that one day it will be of use, but chances are that if you haven’t used it in over a year, you probably won’t even remember it’s there. There are plenty of underprivileged people in the world who need what you don’t so try to donate as much as you can. Giving away feels better than letting go. There’s also no harm is selling things if you have the time. 


A messy drawer can not only give one anxiety, it makes it so hard to find things. Get in the habit of folding everything neatly so everything in the drawer is visible upon opening. You’ll be surprised how much more you can fit too, especially if you roll items as in the photo above. Delicate items will also last longer if they are cared for in this way. 


Every item should have its designated space - it will reduce clutter and make life so easy knowing where to find everything. And note that the floor, the sofa, the dining table, and the bed are not designated spaces! Your items should be tucked away in an organised manner to reduce clutter.