Whether it be a tiny house on wheels or a small Sydney apartment, some kitchens are made extremely tiny. It may seem like a nightmare to cook and clean in a small kitchen, but it can actually be easier than you’d imagine. If you’ve ever travelled in an RV or campervan, you would have already experienced the simplicity of it. Perhaps you’re planning to build or design a tiny house, granny flat, guest or rumpus room with a mini kitchen. If so, you have to embrace the space you have and make practical use out of it!

Tiny kitchens, especially tiny homes considering the current movement across the globe, promote a minimalist lifestyle that isn’t for everyone, but almost everyone can benefit from it. Tiny spaces are designed smartly to ensure it is simple, convenient, and avoids stress. If you think about it, there’s obviously less space to clean, less opportunity to lose things, and everything is within arms reach!

If you’re thinking about downsizing, building a guest room, or already have a tiny kitchen, here are some ideas to help you embrace the tiny kitchen. It may take getting used to, but will be much easier in the long run.

Deep drawers 

The deeper the drawers, the more items you can store and hide away. Dwellers of tiny homes tend to be more organised, knowing where everything is - you kind of have to.

Open shelves 

Open shelves give the illusion of space. It would look messy to store food on these shelves, but your beautiful crockery would look great.

Hidden panels 

To make the open plan kitchen more universal, you may want to consider hiding your whiteware behind cupboards to blend in with the space - making it both a living room & kitchen. 

Personal touches

Decor livens up a space and the more you make it your own, the more comfortable you will feel regardless of size. Don’t be afraid to get colourful, fun, and even wacky to create the vibe you envision. 

Extra kitchen space

If you can squeeze in another kitchen space, whether it be in a guest room or sleep out, you may as well to allow yourself that extra space you need. This is also a great option for those who want to give tiny living a go by trialing it in one area of your home.