How to Choose the Best Dining Table

18th, September 2019

When looking for a dining room table, you shouldn’t just go for what looks best because it should also be practical for the space and for each person using it. The dining room table is a place to socialise with family, a place for the kids to study, and a place to enjoy delicious meals - you would want it to be comfortable and appealing. 

It goes without saying that you should also look for a table within your budget, but there are a quite a few more factors to consider and they all begin with S to make it easy to remember when you’re shopping around.


Before anything, it’s best to take measurements of your dining space factoring in any surrounding furnishings. Space is important for both access and ease. Your dining chairs should have at least 60cm of free space behind them.


Once you know how much space you have to work with, you can figure out the best shape to suit your dining room. If you are limited in space, a square table is always recommended so you can tuck it away in a corner if needed. However, square is not great for larger areas as it can have an opposite effect. Round tables are best for these spaces and the less legs under your table, the better! 


You’re nearly there with forming the perfect dining table! It’s extremely practical to have an easy to clean surface and one that is durable while also being aesthetically pleasing. Wood is both warming and inviting - it actually checks all of the boxes. We do not recommend anything that is too polished as it can be easily damaged. 


Comfort is key when choosing your dining room chairs. You want to ensure there is enough leg space - from chair to tabletop, 20-30cm makes for comfortable seating. Trial out the chairs before you commit to them to make sure they are not only comfy, but also flexible & sturdy. And if you’re considering chairs with fabric, focus on those that can easily be washed!