Why the Kitchen Island Trend will Live On

15th, August 2019

For many years, the kitchen island has been a trendy feature in homes with good reason. It creates more counter space and is great for socialising with family members or guests, especially in the mornings and on weekends. Kitchen designers tend to believe that this fad will never die, yet it will shape the future kitchen. Here’s why...


It’s Social

The open plan kitchen & living area was created with one goal - to bring families together. And as homes evolve, things that can allow togetherness will continue to grow. Our digital devices play a big role in this movement as they create barriers between people. 

The kitchen island is perfect for couples and families. When one cooks, the other can relax at the island, while they both catch up on their day. It’s even a great spot for the kids to do their homework or eat snacks while mum or dad is preparing a meal. And when there’s an event, it’s perfect to lay out nibbles and drinks on before heading to the dining table. People are so busy nowadays with so much being offered in life that this family socialising is important and the island is an easy solution.


It’s Functional

The kitchen island provides so much more than just extra counter space - it can also provide storage space, food preparation space, and dish-washing space if it contains a sink as many now do. You can even include a stove top! The island makes cooking easier and more fun when others are around as you can actually face each other rather than out the window. You can’t get more functional that this. And yes it does take up space, but it gives you the space you need and can use.


It’s Aesthetic

While it is social and functional, there’s no doubt the island is aesthetically appealing. It stands out in a kitchen like a gorgeous piece of furniture and gives it character.

Designers believe that the social aspect will keep the kitchen island around for generations to come so with that being said, we can expect future islands with more seating on both sides. And who knows, it does have the potential to replace the dining table. Cheers to social kitchens!